Xerxes Oil/Water Separator, a Division of Shawcor


You can specify Shawcor oil/water separators with complete confidence that they meet the performance standards Shawcor has outlined. Shawcor’s technical representatives can analyze the basic information provided to suggest the oil/water separator that meets your requirements. The separators are designed and constructed in accordance, as applicable, with the following standards:

  • UL Subject 2215

  • UL 1316

  • U.S. Coast Guard Test Method 46 CFR 162.050

  • API manual on disposal of refinery wastes

  • API bulletin No. 1630, first edition

  • API bulletin No. 421

  • EPA Test Methods 413.1 and 413.2

  • Stokes Law

 Double-wall separators are available with either a dry interstice or with TRUCHEK, a reliable hydrostatic pressure monitoring system.

UNIQUE COALESCER FOR SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE AND MAINTENANCE At the heart of Shawcor's oil/water separator is a unique vertical-tube coalescer. The random tube matrix design provides laminar flow important to proper separation. Small oil droplets are attached to the polypropylene tube matrix because of its oil-attracting characteristics. Once attached, they provide additional surface area to the tubes while attracting other small oil droplets with their own inherent properties. This process combines oil droplets until they are large enough to rise to the surface to await periodic removal.