Easy to install and simple to use, pig passage indicators detect the passage of pigs or spheres at predetermined intervals along a pipeline. This allows operators to know the general location of a pig or sphere and be alerted if it’s lost or stuck.

In addition, versions equipped with an electrical switch can be connected to a pipeline operator’s supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system. This allows passage time to be recorded in conjunction with other activities monitored on the pipeline system, such as closing and opening valves.

The weatherproof and corrosion-resistant PIG-SIG® V pig passage indicator is built to withstand the most brutal environments, both onshore and topside. In addition, all components exposed to pipeline products are completely sealed to prevent leaks. Signaling systems include a flag indicator, an electrical indicator, and a combination of both. Because the triggering toggle is omnidirectional, it allows operators to orient the flag indicator in any direction. This also makes the PIG-SIG V even easier to install and more robust than the PIG-SIG IV.

Extended models for installation on buried pipelines are available in all indicator configurations.