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Integra II Fire Safe Flange Insulation Kit &
Integra II Extreme Temperature Flange Insulation Kit

Sizes 2" - 12" available in stock in Houston, TX

Features and Benefits:

  • Exceptionally dependable for insulating and sealing purposes for Severe Service and Fire Safe applications

  • Highly suitable for all severe service applications up to and including ANSI 2500 # and API 10,000 # classes

  • Zero-free leaks for high sulfur content crude oil or H2S gas fugitive emissions, proven through multiple applications.

  • Incorporates high temperature sealing characteristics of kammprofile with a highly dielectric mineral secondary seal

Standard Kit Options (See brochure for more details):

  • Gasket Type: F or E

  • Gasket Material: Glass Reinforced Epoxy (G-10) Bonded to 316 Stainless Steel Core

  • Seal: Spring Energized Teflon Seal (Primary) and Fire Safe Phyllosilicate Seal (Secondary)

  • Gasket Thickness: 0.274"

  • Sleeves: G-10 or Mylar

  • Washers (Double): Coated Hardened Steel, G-10, or Carbon Steel Zinc Plated