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DEHN HVI Conductor

The concept behind the HVI®Conductor is to wrap the lightning current carrying conductor in insulating material in such a way that the required separation distance from other conductive parts of the building, electric lines and pipes, is maintained. Meaning you can mount this directly to a tank or module without experiencing stray current impacting the structure. This is not possible with other manufacturers.

The lightning safe zone of coverage that the HVI creates will also protect the workers and the productivity of the welding operations under a rolling sphere model.

Governing Guidelines Used for DEHN Lightning Protection Systems:

• IEC 62305-2010 Lightning Protection; Sections 1-4

• IEC 62561-2010 Lightning Protection Components

• NFPA 780-2017 Lightning & Fire Protection

• UL 96A Master Label Lightning Protection

• IEEE 80-2000 Guide for Safety in AC Substation Grounding

• ILMC/ILDC 2018 International Lightning Conference Proceedings

DEHN can also assist with protected building structures featuring earthing and bonding interconnections to create an equipotential bonded structure on a concrete foundation.