Advance Products & Systems
Casing Spacer

  • Easy and efficient to install requiring no grease and no special tools

  • Installation by one person

  • Slides into place with ease

  • Coefficient of friction = .1

  • Requires no backfill

  • Decades of proven reliability Insulating and long-term corrosion protection

  • Anti-corkscrewing Casing Spacer with Rollers now available

Advance Products & Systems
End Seal

Advance Products & Systems End Seals outperform the costly and labor intensive brick and mortar method of sealing casing ends. While soil stress and pipe movement cause mortar to crack, the APS products move with the pipe insuring the integrity of the seal. And, unlike link-type sealing blocks that are limited to carrier/casing differential and can only be used on a concentric profile, the APS seals are totally flexible. APS offers four types of end seals which can accommodate any combination of pipe sizes.

Advance Products & Systems
Innerlynx® Modular Seal

  • Innerlynx® offer 21 different sizes for all pipe diameters ranging from 1/2” – 144”.

  • Innerlynx® are made from synthetic rubbers with industrial strength UV and ozone resistant plastic or all metal plates.

  • Innerlynx® help absorb vibrations, shocks, and sound waves and act as a sound dampener.

  • Innerlynx® come in 5 models; EPDM Black, Nitrile Green, Silicone Grey, EPDM Blue & Silicone Red.

  • Innerlynx® form a hydrostatic seal up to 40 psig and up to 92.28 feet of head pressure.

  • Innerlynx® can be easily reinstalled many times over the life of the installation.

  • Innerlynx® are manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.

  • Innerlynx® electrically isolate the inner carrier pipe from the penetrated structure.

  • Innerlynx® can be installed easily and quickly by one worker with no special tools.